About Me


Hey! I’m Majo

My name is Maria Jose, but friends call me Majo. I was born and raced in Costa Rica, I’m a “tica”.

I discovered my travel passion through my teaching job. Back in 2007 I met the coolest person ever, Katarina. She is a Slovak English teacher that started working at the same school I was formerly teaching. She was an expert on traveling on a budget. That opened my eyes, because before I thought traveling required so much planning and money, that I never found the right time to start doing it.

The following year, she moved back to a school in Slovakia, where she encouraged me to go work in a Summer Camp for two weeks. I didn’t think twice and went for a month. What an experience!

A lot has happended since then, I started running and I love it! Bringing your running shoes with you to a new place is the best way to pin point the places you want to come back later to visit. I’ve been traveling through Costa Rica, Europe, Central America, and North America, and I run everywhere I go.

Follow along as I share my funny, unexpected, amazing experiences while I give you tips on how to travel when you least expect it.